Civil construction

We are dedicated to apartment buildings, offices, hotels and tourism, renovation and rehabilitation of buildings.

Our base of employees and partners contributes and constitutes a wealth of values and expertise in engineering and construction.

Our employees have a long professional experience in the sector and offer a high capacity of response in the work of greater complexity and technical requirement that we carry out.

Our commitment has enabled nocos to become a leading SME for many consecutive years.

Methods of construction
Restraint of facades

While it is required and in architectural interest, the facades stand.
When only part of the building is to be destroyed.

Peripheral restraint

Start of excavation to contain adjacent land with other buildings.
Structures support perimeter restraint.

Contention of land

When the terrain is heavily uneven, a way to contain the land is to use an anchoring system so that it can support the land.

Reinforcement of structures

In the existing structure a reinforcement is carried out so that it complies with the construction standards.

Preservation of coatings

it is necessary to maintain and preserve existing materials.